An argument in favor of the existence of bigfoot

But the truth is new bigfoot videos are surfacing everyday on Youtube and other video sites. This is why they are so hard to spot, let alone catch. Just a single strand of hair would provide conclusive DNA evidence that a previously unidentified species was alive on the planet.

In addition, dome like structures have been found, where branches appear to have been weaved around a bent tree, the bent tree being secured to the ground by a large rock in some cases. Sightings have been reported for around a hundred years.

Twenty Arguments For The Existence Of God

But here's the catch They say that most bigfoot sightings are hoaxs or simple misidentifications of other things like bears, stumps, or snow covered trees. The fact of the matter is, there are a LOT of hoaxes out there re: Lastly, there are historical records of giant skeletons having been found all across America.

The Humboldt Times ran a story about the discovery and called the creature, Bigfoot. Many sightings have taken place in broad daylight with a clear view and, they are highly consistent. While many of these occurred due to natural means such as high winds, storms etc, Many believe that the complex and unusual formations of some damaged trees could only have been created with a pair of hands.

Since eyewitness testimony is used in a court of law to convict someone of a crime this is powerful evidence. In some situations, e. Of all the arguments against Bigfoot, this one is the most damning.

Since all attempts to prove Bigfoot from a zoological perspective have panned out, perhaps the last desperate cry is to link Bigfoot to the supernatural realms. There is some redundancy on the list, and some problems here and there with reasoning, but all in all, I think Radford has a pretty reasonable list here.

Conservation needs are impossible to assess without the ability to recognise and differentiate species. Radford contends that, in order to account for the large number of sightings, a large number of Bigfoot are required. We don't even have fossil records. They may have crossed into North America across the Bering land bridge just like we did long time ago.

The mountain gorilla was not discovered until The Washington Post and New York Times published dozens upon dozens of articles pertaining to unusual and giant skeletons having been found during the 19th and 20th centuries.

His very existence for thousands of years would have created an environmental footprint that couldn't be concealed, but he's largely invisible.

If Bigfoot is a herbivore, samples of that activity should be apparent. Perhaps a better question is how far should we stretch the borders of rational thinking before we are willing to acknowledge that such postulations are absurd? Nonbelievers also point out inconsistencies in the stories of the two men that shot the Patterson Gimlin film as reason to believe it was a hoax, and they say the film was simply a money making scam.

None have ever been found. Yet despite all of this, scientists claim to never have found a bigfoot skeleton proving their existence.

Radford's primary point here is that there ain't no bigfoot-esque fossils to be found, ergo, no Bigfoot.

Bigfoot, Real or Fantasy? My Argument For The Existence Of Bigfoot

Most evidence can be explained by mistakes and hoaxes. From that point on the descriptions usually matched the depiction of the creature seen in the film. According to many analysts the creature shown in the Patterson Gimlin film walks far too quickly to be a man, and appears too heavy and muscular to be human as well.

It is important to note that some counties prohibit killing of a Sasquatch. An additional problem and one that the bigfoot buffs out there probably thought of immediately is that A not knowing the exact phylogenetic position of "Bigfoot" makes it difficult to identify ancestors, and B if it is a hominid or hominoid, or whateverthen we may have some fossilized ancestors in the form of Old World fossils, and the taphonomic effect may explain their absence in the record.

There are many species for which these are not valid alternatives. The group has been under fire recently for the sasquatch shooting incident in Honobia, OK. All of these share one common trait, DNA.

Is Bigfoot real or not ?

You can love us or you can hate us, but we aren't here to placate science any more than we are to placate the so-called bigfoot "community" who are dead set against the taking of a type specimen for irrational reasons.

Now perhaps Bigfoot is just smarter than the average bear or telepathic and hides better than most animals -- maybe he's even learned to bury his dead, which might partly explain the lack of physical evidence. The authenticity of the footage has been hotly debated and arguments in favor and against have not stalled the intense scrutiny and excitement the film first generated when it was released to the public in Is Big Foot real?

Bigfoot, Real or Fantasy? My Argument For The Existence Of Bigfoot

68% Say Yes 32% Say No I Saw Bigfoot So my argument believes he is and I am not going to change my mind, because I believe he is real. Report Post. Like Reply. 0. 1. Bigfoot is just another type of mammal and is % real! Bigfoot is just another type of mammal and is not dangerous and will kill you like they say.

They have also believed that an effective rational argument for God's existence is an important first step in opening the mind to the possibility of faith—in clearing some of the roadblocks and rubble that prevent people from taking.

Jan 01,  · Well I AM saying bigfoot exists. Great. Let's see the evidence. Remember scientists didn't have concrete evidence dark matter existed until It was once thought the Earth was flat, therefore Bigfoot exists. Poor logic. Poor argument. Bigfoot or Sasquatch, large apelike creature reportedly sighted hundreds of times in the United States and Canada (most often in the Pacific Northwest) since the midth cent.

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An argument in favor of the existence of bigfoot
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