Are passport expediting services safe

Your true itinerary must match the departure date written on your passport application, to which you swear an oath of truthfulness. You will find the details of each complaint on the BBB site, and see the company's response. If you print the application first and complete it offline, be sure to use black ink and write as legibly as possible.

An Acceptance Agent will examine your application and supporting documents. The information you provide on Form DS That means you can use a passport card if you are going to Mexico or Canada by car, bus, train, ferry, yacht, or even on foot! Applying for a passport card alone when you already have a valid passport book Applying for a passport card alone when you have never held a US passport Getting a passport card at the same time you are applying for a new passport book either for an adult or a minor under age 16 Getting a passport card at the same time you are applying for a renewal of your passport book adults whose passport was issued after they turned 16 Requirements for Passport Card — Applicants who hold a valid Passport Book Your current US passport — This must be the actual book, not a photocopy Passport Application Form DScompleted offline or filled out online at https: Review several passport expeditor companies locally or on the web, comparing fees, service options, policies, and guarantees.

Most cruise lines also will want you to have a valid passport book, in case you have to fly home in an emergency. More money does not equal better service. The number of private companies offering to expedite your passport or renew a passport quickly has grown considerably in recent years.

Use a private passport expediting company like RushMyPassport for faster, more personalized service and no need to make an appointment or wait in line. Compare, compare, compare to get the best deal for your travel time and specific needs. Enter "company name" in quotation marks to do an exact-match search for the name.

Read through company websites for current, updated passport infor-mation, ease of site navigation, clarity of instructions, and professional look and feel. You will pay a fee for the return of your completed passport via a delivery service like UPS or Federal Express.

You are are still required to appear in person at an acceptance facility if applying on Form DS, even when using a courier service.

How Fast Can a Passport be Expedited? The toll-free number is All passport applications must be printed out, signed, and submitted with original documents to the U. Some companies may appear to be part of the U.

How to Get a Passport Card

What Is a Passport Expediting Service? Note, you should not sign the application until asked to do so by an acceptance agent. For specific information, enter the company name PLUS whatever you're looking. There is also no fee for making an appointment at a passport acceptance facility or a Department of State Passport Agency or Center.

Passport Agency locations, leap-frogging other applications for preferred processing. If you believe you are the victim of a crime or there has been criminal activity by the courier company, please contact your local law enforcement office.

Are Passport Expediting Services Legitimate?

Most companies offer several levels of expedited passport service with different fees, based on processing speeds. You can keep your passport book safe at the hotel if you also have a passport card!

Please see our updated content on how much a passport costs for the most up to date information. Your current passport has not been lost, stolen or damaged.

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They must appear in person at a post office or passport office, preferably with both parents. However, those that have a majority of negative reviews should stand out as big warning signs.

And while getting a passport quickly through a U. Department of State, "Courier companies are private companies, some of which are registered at our passport agencies and are allowed to submit passport applications on behalf of customers.

This is a privately owned website and not a government agency. The expedited passport that you will get when you use a passport expeditor is exactly the same kind of passport you would get if you apply directly to the US Department of State.

The number of private companies offering to expedite your passport or renew a passport quickly has grown considerably in recent years.

A reputable passport expeditor can review your supporting documents to make sure they're correct and appropriate. Every passport expediting service is in business to make money. We guarantee a professional, safe and secure service.

Get Your U.S. Passport Fast!

A great company maintains a commitment to providing the best possible customer experience.Phoenix Sky Harbor PHX Terminal Map showing parking facilities, maps, concourse maps, and gate locations. After 10 years, your passport probably feels like an old friend. Unfortunately, after a decade of accompanying you all over the world, it's time for your old friend to retire.

Applying for a passport renewal in a timely fashion will keep you footloose and fancy free, ready to jet off somewhere exotic at a moment's notice. Here's what you need to know to make the passport renewal process go as.

How Can I Identify a Reliable Passport Expeditor?

Passport expediting services can speed up the process of getting a passport, often reducing turnaround time to a few days. In emergency situations, you could potentially have the passport within 24 hours though.

as we have said, there are never any guarantees of acceptance by the passport agency. Passport cards, like passport books, are valid for 10 years from the date of issue (or 5 years, for children age 15 and younger).

If you already hold a passport book, your passport card will be issued with a different number. Hi Tom, It depends. If you qualify to use Form Ds, you don't have to pay the execution fee when applying at the post office. But if you need to use Form DS and have a passport agent sign off (this could happen if your old passport has been damaged, for example), then you would pay a $25 execution fee in addition to the application fee.

Legal Passport is a Safe, Secure, 24 Hour US Passport and Visa expediting service that rushes your passport application through its network of government passport agencies, making sure .

Are passport expediting services safe
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