Summer project on britannia

Thus, descriptive research cannot be used to create a causal relationship, where one variable affects another. The industry turn over was As a guideline, there are broadly seven strategies for motivation.

As the lower needs are satisfied, higher needs emerge.

Summer Project on Britannia Essay

Whatever may be the behavior of man, there is some stimulus behind it. As the study is based on large sample i. So after over seven decades of being inseparable part of life in India, Britannia is now set to usher its customers into a healthier and tastier future.

Power motivations positive applications results in domestic leadership style, while it negative application tends autocratic style. Apart from the extrinsic motivation, employees can also motivate themselves intrinsically.

There is no significant between career development opportunities and the extent of employee motivation Ho: They will do what they want to do or otherwise motivated to do. The beginnings might have been humble-the dreams were anything but.

It includes motivation to the workers regarding absenteeism problem, motivation to the workers regarding food safety management and personnel hygiene, motivation to the employees regarding wastage management. Nusli Neville Wadia Chairman [pic] Ms. Financial incentives or motivators are those which are associated with money.

Summer Project on Britannia Essay

The basic and main purpose of the study is to motivate the employees and workers to perform according to the company policy and to achieve the definite goal personal as well as organizational. Although Maslow himself did not apply his theory to industrial situation, it has wide impact for beyond academic circles.

These physical needs must be equated with pay rate, pay practices and to an extent with physical condition of the job. If one need is satisfied, the other need need arises. The research hypothesis of this study is as follows. Physiological or Body Needs: It has been observed by carrying out the project that communication gap exist within the workmen as well as within workmen and the management because of which wastage management is not at par.

As a guideline, there are broadly seven strategies for motivation.

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This will also result in increased productivity. Descriptive research, also known as statistical research, describes data and characteristics about the population or phenomenon being studied.Project report Recruitment, selection, retention policy and procedure of Britannia industries ltd Objective • Britannia started in as a small biscuit company in Calcutta/5(3).

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britannia - project report - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Summer Project on Britannia Search Search/5(23). This project report is my summer internship project report which i did in Britannia company so my role was in this project in Management trainee in modern trad Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

The latest images of the brand new secondary school and homes set to be built as part of the Britannia Leisure Centre development have been released, as residents are invited to find out more about the project at a series of drop-in sessions. Britannia Summer Training Project.

Read More >> Summer Training Project ReportAyush Sinha. free download summer training project brittannia Ayush Sinha Summer Training Project Report Tata Motors Limited Lucknow Plantth May –th JuneProject Guide: Mr.

Naveen Agnihotri Manager. Britannia Project Report 1. A Summer Internship Project Report On “Market analysis and sales development in Institutional Business” Submitted in the partial fulfilment of the requirements for Post Graduate Diploma in Management - PGDM SUBMITTED BY Name: Deepshikha Gupta Roll No: Batch: UNDER GUIDANCE OF Prof.

Sushant Nanda Universal Business School, Mumbai .

Summer project on britannia
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