The five stages of culture shock in the movie not without my daughter

Some of it is the director's decision or budget requirement to minimize the visuals-on-screen because the Iranian culture is visually minimal. The only utensils provided were large ladlelike spoons.

There is no opportunity in the system for reasoning or independent thinking, or creativity. Works Cited Green, Tom. The screenplays choiceof scenes seemed right, but left out major plot points that would have confused me had I not read the book.

Today, many would likely shrug the movie off and change the channel. We're Americans; you're daughter is an American! It's hard to believe this idea of Paradise will always be intimately connected with Iran. The hospital sequence is crucial because, within this first minor narrative, it introduces the first threat to the family equilibrium, which sets the main difference between this and the Iran episode.

Now, consider "Where there's a will, there's a way" in light of the cultural artifacts that I've discussed above, namely the autocratic Islamic culture of rote learning and behavior, -- or the training that dislodges a properly formed conscience from what it means to be fully human.

But the camera angles chosen, framing, lighting, and the "god-awful" music more German classical than anything Persian or Iranian was distracting and seemed like a cheap library afterthought.

Hence, it did not matter how far Khomeini's or Kaddafi's "Islams" were both from each other and from Islam as reflected in the Quran; what really mattered was how the "confrontational" aspect of this new relationship would be used to legitimize the need for a new interventionist policy on the part of the US.

Cultural shock is not a short, sharp affair and the effects can be deep and long lasting at both personal and professional level. Being the CEO sounds like a creative, take-initiative position, until you realized that the cousin's demand is the product of a rote ideology ingrained culturally into the male ego.

After the 26 Helen's husband reprimands her for wanting to escape, we see through the door of the school his and his wife's retreating figures against an immense Khomeini portrait of which only the right eye is visible.

Along with this picture, which is not merely a picture but also a communicable set of feelings about the picture, goes what we may call its overall context. Who's supplying the bombs? They may find life has moved on in their absence and have difficulty fitting back in.

Yes, but America also restricts behaviors or freedoms they would find just as barbaric. For instance, the book relies on flashback, a strategy the film clearly avoids and we can only assume a conscious, and therefore purposeful, manipulation of the narrative sequences on the part of the director.

Culture shock stages

On the way home, under the omnipresent Khomeini gaze and the endless revolutionary slogans, Moody and Betty who is now wearing a chador, the in-laws' first "gift" learn the rules of the dress code: Betty's response to his and his 12 family's desire to see each other is firm and sardonic: Moody is reading an Iranian newspaper and he hears things like: It becomes therefore difficult to qualify, on the basis of the Michigan episode, the marriage as one based on mutual understanding or any bond whatsoever, the intimate moments we witness giving us a rather poor picture.

It is as if the film is oblivious to the plurality of ideological persuasions in that city. I get that she had the in-laws from hell, but her book goes …more My issue is that she is very derogatory when describing her in-laws and other Persians. The oath, which we can imagine floating towards Betty in whiskey-breath, highlights an unfair compromise: How can the movie promote understanding of a culture essentially portrayed as hostile to whatever is American when the driving force of that movie is patriotism and chauvinism?

Betty learns that, if she is caught escaping with Mahtob, she will be executed. The focus of the book should have been on "I married an abusive man whose family supported his behavior, but thankfully escaped to make a better life for myself and my daughter.

Religion and Spirituality in Film. Moody denies having spoken about a two-week vacation; their plan was that they were going to settle in Iran. A loss of confidence may result.Not without my daughter Summary The movie “Not without My Daughter†is about the true story of Betty Mahmoody.

She is an American woman, married to an Iranian man in the States; they also have a daughter named Mahtob, around the age of four at the beginning of the story. Jan 12,  · Not Without My Daughter is set a handful of years after the Iranian Revolution, which turned the nation into an Islamic state, prompting a mass exodus of Iranians.

Adapted from Betty Mahmoody’s memoir of the same name, the plot pivots on a sinister manipulation: Iranian-American Sayed, better known as “Moody,” convinces his wife to travel with him and his daughter, Mahtob, for a.

The 'Not Without My Daughter' Problem: How a Sally Field Movie Became an Iranian-American Headache

Not Without My Daughter is one woman's experience that has been treated like an ethnography of Iranian and Persian culture, and it should never be treated as such.

Betty Mahmoody's account of her time in Iran is not only full of gross factual inaccuracies but also blatant racism and xenophobia that made the reading experience hard to stomach/5. In the movie "Not Without My Daughter," Sally Field's character is brutally beaten by her Iranian husband, who refuses to let her--or their young daughter--leave Iran.

Another American woman is subjected to the same violent treatment by her Iranian husband. Anthropological Analysis of the Film Not Without My Daughter Not Without My Daughter is a film that presents an encounter between the Western and Iranian cultures through the experiences of Betty Mahmoody and her daughter.

The most dominant aspect of the film is the culture shock Betty experiences in Iran. Adler said that culture shock is an emotional reaction to loss of one’s own culture and misunderstanding of new experiences.

He has said that culture shock causes feelings of helplessness, irritability, being cheated, contaminated, injured, or disregarded.

The five stages of culture shock in the movie not without my daughter
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